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Ventura County Saga w/ Scott Binsack, Tammy Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian & More

The Ventura County Saga is a sordid series of events that includes love, lies, conspiracy, corruption and betrayal.

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The Affair

Tammy Calhoun and Scott BinsackThe Ventura County Saga unfolded in 2014 when a Ventura County Realtor named Tammy Calhoun reached out to internet personality and CEO Scott Binsack. Claiming she was unhappy with her marriage and planning to leave her husband, Tammy approached Scott and initiated what would evolve into a year-and-a-half affair — an affair that ultimately motivated Scott to move from the east coast to Ventura County, California.

In May 2015, Tammy and Scott ended their affair once it became clear that she had no intentions of leaving her husband. In fact, she admitted that she had never intended to end her marriage, stating that she was very content to “have her cake and eat it too.”

Initially, Scott and Tammy had agreed to a clean break. It was also agreed that they would not malign each other in the professional sphere. But shortly thereafter, Scott received word from first-hand witnesses that Tammy had broken her part of the agreement, as she was heard maligning Scott’s name to fellow professionals in the field. She was even reportedly heard saying that Scott had “coerced” and “blackmailed” her into the relationship — a claim which will be proven false by the messages and videos (coming soon) which clearly illustrate that Tammy Calhoun was very much a willing party in the relationship. (Scroll down to view additional photos from The Affair).


The Firing

Around this time, Dawn Morgan — an escrow officer with Contact Escrow — had contacted Scott Binsack and his company, The Rain Maker, to create her professional website. Scott also connected with Dawn’s boss, Peter Kalaydjian, who was hosting a charity fundraising event, Cocktails in Havana. Scott offered to donate a customized website for the Cocktails in Havana event. Once the site was created, Peter Kalaydjian demanded the designers’ logo be removed off the site. Peter’s associate,  Ventura County Keller Williams Team Leader Nancy Amorteguy, even threatened Scott Binsack, demanding that the donated website be removed. (It was not removed; it was left intact and remains online as a demo site.)

At the Cocktails in Havana event, Peter Kalaydjian was heard stating that he intended to fire Dawn Morgan and sure enough, the following Monday, he made good on his threat, wrongfully terminating her as a result of her association with Scott Binsack. To make matters worse, he submitted false information which resulted in the denial of Dawn’s unemployment benefits (although the decision was later overturned on appeal when the Kalaydjians could not provide any evidence to support their claims.)

Ventura County Saga w/ Scott Binsack, Tammy Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian & MoreUpset that Dawn was wrongfully terminated, Scott Binsack came to her aid, assisting her as she sought out her rightful unemployment benefits. This clearly angered the Kalaydjians, whom are believed to have previously aligned with Tammy Calhoun, united by their common distain for Scott and Dawn. (Yet written messages from Tammy Calhoun to Scott Binsack — to soon be released — stated that Peter was someone to be avoided.) They were even captured posing together on the red carpet at a recent NAHREP event. (See photo at left)

What would ensue would come to be known as The Conspiracy.


The Conspiracy

The details surrounding The Conspiracy are still unfolding.

Scott Binsack and his assistant at The Rain Maker, Dawn Morgan, were contacted by an exterminator named Jason Perry, who arranged for a meeting at Brendan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant shortly before the monthly First Wednesdays event held by the Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors. Curiously, approximately two months earlier, following Scott’s public disclosure of the 17-month affair with Tammy Calhoun, he was contacted by Jason who attempted to lure Scott to a meeting at that point. But on this second occasion, they took the bait.

What would ensue is nothing short of shocking and the full depth of the conspiracy is evidenced by the surveillance footage that was obtained from Brendan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. (The surveillance footage will soon be released in its entirety).

There was clearly an extensive conspiracy to cause harm and/or civil unrest. It’s believed that the intention was to prompt Scott into lashing out against Tammy Calhoun or one of the other conspirators, whom were seen videotaping Scott on their mobile devices from several angles.

The footage clearly depicts the conspirators, whom can be seen plotting, colluding and orchestrating their attempted sabotage. Tammy Calhoun can even be seen collecting data cards from individuals whom were filming the set-up.

The surveillance footage also clearly shows what appears to be a firearm, tucked into Peter Kalaydjian’s waistband. (Which, according to California law, would be a serious offense as firearms cannot be brought into bar and pub establishments.)

The footage also captured an alleged assault and battery on Scott Binsack by Bob Davis and Peter Kalaydjian.


 The Corruption

Throughout this saga, Scott Binsack and  Dawn Morgan accidentally uncovered corruption that extends into the local Sheriff’s Department.

Ventura County Saga w/ Scott Binsack, Tammy Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian & MoreJust hours after the unemployment hearing which ultimately led to Dawn Morgan being awarded the unemployment benefits she was rightfully owed, Scott was visited by a pair of Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Deputies, including Deputy Chandra Pugh, who is believed to have been sent as a favor to Peter Kalaydjian in an attempt at intimidation (although notably, Tammy Calhoun, also claimed to have “connections” within the department.)

The deputy made veiled threats to Scott concerning his interactions with Peter Kalaydjian, even instructing him to stay off the internet. The Deputy had indicated that Peter had called to report a threat against his life.  (In reality, Scott had made an in-video reference to an incident that occurred at Cocktails in Havana, where Peter put his hands on Scott’s security personnel. He had made a remark to the effect that they should have tossed Peter into the bushes as an act of self-defense in response to Peter’s aggression.)

The Deputy admitted that she had not performed any research into the matter prior to her visit and had not observed any such threats online.  She also failed to file a police report on the matter and it was ultimately determined that Peter Kalaydjian had never formally reported anything to the authorities. This suggests that the visit was performed as a personal favor for one or more of the conspirators.

Several days after the assault at Brendan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Scott made his way to the Sheriff’s Department to press charges against Peter Kalaydjian and Bob Davis.  Notably, Deputy Pugh contacted Brendan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, instructing the owner and management to withhold the surveillance footage from Scott (despite the fact that the law entitles him to copies of the tapes – a fact that was confirmed by Deputy Pugh’s superior, Sergeant Robarts.)

Scott ultimately secured the shocking footage. (See video still captures below.)

In addition, the surveillance footage confirmed that Jason — who had actually denied an association with Tammy Calhoun and Peter Kalaydjian — not only knew them but appeared to be extremely friendly with them.

More recently, on February 26, 2016, Dawn Morgan was pulled over shortly after leaving Scott’s office. The deputy who pulled her over indicated that he had recognized her from a recent visit concerning the alleged assault. The deputy then proceeded to inform Dawn that she had $8,000 in parking fines and a warrant for her arrest. He then ordered her to walk home because she did not have a current registration sticker on her license plate (although she had renewed the registration a day prior and had the sticker in her possession.)

A nationwide search revealed that there are no unpaid parking tickets, nor are there any warrants in Dawn Morgan’s name, making this most recent event a clear case of police harassment.

The images below are still captures from the surveillance footage captured on February 3, 2016 at Brendan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. The video footage will soon be released in its entirety.

The Objective

The intent of this website is to discover and disperse the truth, backed by evidence which will include photographs, videos, text messages, Facebook messages, emails, and documents.

In the coming days, this website will be updated to include this evidence so that investigators and the public can form their own opinions, based on the truth.

In addition, Dawn’s decision to go public about her wrongful termination prompted other former Contact Escrow employees to come forward. These individuals have conveyed experiences that were equally or even more disturbing than what Dawn endured at the hands of Kristina and Peter Kalaydjian.

Scott, Dawn and other former employees are now working with attorneys and the authorities to see to it that the Kalaydjians, Tammy Calhoun and other conspirators are held responsible for their alleged actions. If you have been victimized, you’re urged to contact The Ventura County Saga as there is power in numbers, especially when it comes to the upcoming legal proceedings.

Peter’s aggressive nature and quest for retribution has also prompted some others to question his motivations. What is he hiding? Former employees have recounted illegal dealings inside Contact Escrow — dealings which have been reported to the proper authorities for investigation. But new evidence — soon to be released — suggests that this could be the very tip of the iceberg.

Please stay tuned for video and written updates on the case. You are encouraged to scroll down to enter your email below to receive an update when new evidence and updates are posted. We expect that this information should be posted by March 5, 2016.

Ventura County Saga w/ Scott Binsack, Tammy Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian & More

Ventura County Saga w/ Scott Binsack, Tammy Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian & More

Ventura County Saga w/ Scott Binsack, Tammy Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian & More

Please enter your email below to receive updates when additional evidence is posted in the coming days, including videos, images and messages.



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